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Berrigan Sets New Provincial Record With Second Place Finish at the 2013 Eastern Canadian Swimming Championships

17-year-old Sean Berrigan of the Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club placed second tonight in the men’s 50m Backstroke with a new Nova Scotia Provincial Record with a time of 25.91.

Top swimmers from Nova Scotia wrapped up competition at the 2013 Speedo Eastern Canadian Swimming Championships in Montreal, QC at the Claude Robillard Center. Nova Scotia swimmers set a total of seven new Provincial Records during the four-day competition.

Complete results from Nova Scotia swimmers are below.

Top Results from Day Four:
Swimmer/Club Distance/Stroke Age Group Place/Time
Isabel Sarty, Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club (HTAC) 800m Freestyle 15 & younger 28th/9:38.77
Sarah Polley, HTAC 200m Freestyle 15 & younger 26th/2:10.89
200m Individual Medley 15 & younger 18th/2:28.12
50m Backstroke 15 & younger 7th/30.11
Aileen Feschuk, HTAC 100m Breaststroke 15 & younger 25th/1:18.09
200m Individual Medley 15 & younger 15th/2:26.66
James Cormier, HTAC 100m Breaststroke 16 & younger 12th/1:06.82
200m Individual Medley 16 & younger 9th/2:09.89
Ruah Edmonds, HTAC 100m Butterfly 15 & younger 60th/1:09.45
Olivia Feschuk, HTAC 200m Individual Medley 16 & over 9th/2:19.76
100m Butterfly 16 & over 31st/1:05.94
Jessica Ur, HTAC 100m Breaststroke 15 & younger 28th/1:18.50
200m Individual Medley 15 & younger 52nd/2:44.80
Cara McCallum, HTAC 100m Breaststroke 16 & Over 44th/1:19.62
Ainsley Fraser, HTAC 200m Freestyle 16 & Over 43rd/2:10.26
Geraint Berger, HTAC 200m Freestyle 16 & younger 25th/1:57.68
50m Backstroke 16 & younger 14th/27.75
William Smith, HTAC 1500m Freestyle 16 & younger 4th/15:59.50
Colm Somers, HTAC 200m Individual Medley 16 & younger 19th/2:13.54
Darragh Somers, HTAC 200m Freestyle 17 & Over 31st/1:57.30
100m Breaststroke 17 & Over 36th/1:09.42
Ryan Fisk, HTAC 1500m Freestyle 17 & Over 21st/16:55.40
Sarah Polley, Jessica Ur, Olivia Feschuk, Ainsley Fraser, HTAC 4 x 100m Medley Relay Open 35th/4:29.28
Geraint Berger, James Cormier, Colm Somers, Darragh Somers, HTAC 4 x 100m Medley Relay Open 27th/4:04.81
Juliana Pouliot, Halifax Wavecutters Aquatic Club (HWAC) 100m Butterfly 15 & younger 59th/1:09.31
Dmitry Shulga, HWAC 200m Individual Medley 17 & Over 5th/2:04.01
Devon Slongo, HWAC 200m Individual Medley 17 & Over 27th/2:12.64
Hannah Doiron, Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club (DCSC) 100m Breaststroke 15 & younger 19th/1:17.39
Sean Berrigan (DCSC) 50m Backstroke 17 & Over 2nd/25.91
Mike Adams, DCSC 200m Freestyle 17 & Over 27th/1:56.75
Jake Doiron, DCSC 100m Butterfly 17 & Over 33rd/59.69
Morrgan Payne, Sean Berrigan, Jake Doiron, Mike Adams, DCSC 4 x 100m Medley Relay Open 22nd/4:00.31
Rebecca MacPherson, Wolfville Tritons Swim Club (WTSC) 200m Freestyle 16 & over 33rd/2:08.26
800m Freestyle 16 & over 26th/9:20.09
Kassandra Parsons, WTSC 100m Butterfly 16 & over 21st/1:04.85
Benjamin Henger, WTSC 100m Butterfly 16 & younger 14th/59.90

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