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Swim Nova Scotia Takes Swim-a-thon Online!

After a successful beta test with Swim Ontario in 2012-13, Swimming Canada will be taking the popular Swim-a-thon campaign online nationwide for the 2013-14 season and Swim Nova Scotia is excited to join in!

This new online Swim-a-thon allows swimmers to request donations through email or social media, makes it simple for donations to be paid by credit card from anywhere in the world and increases our ability to thank our donors and provide charitable receipts (to those eligible).

Clubs wishing to utilize the Swim-a-thon program must use the new online donation platform in order to participate.

The new online system also ensures that Swimming Canada meets the obligations of the Canadian Revenue Agency when it comes to distributing charitable tax receipts. All receipts are managed electronically through the system with the intent of ensuring only those eligible receive a receipt.

Approximate timeline for execution:

Early Fall 2013 Club Swim-a-thon coordinators online webinar training.
May 31, 2014 All Swim-a-thon campaigns must be completed.

Clubs planning to run Swim-a-thon during the 2013-14 season should do the following asap:

Please email the Swim Nova Scotia office: with the following:
• Name, email and phone number of your Club’s Swim-a-thon Coordinator
• Anticipated Swim-a-thon date (November 1, 2013-August 31, 2014)
• A date will be set for the online webinar training (one Fall and one Spring) and your Club will be notified!