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Team Nova Scotia Skills Weekend with Team New Brunswick

Congratulations to all swimmers for a successful weekend and thanks to all of the Coaches who volunteered their time to run a great event! Special thanks to Team Leader, Aaron Maszko for all of his behind the scenes work and leadership throughout the weekend. Assistant Coaches from Nova Scotia included: Christopher Mercer, Ian Cunningham, Kevin Ross, Tavia Raiche-Marsden, Sandi McLean and Rob Allen. Thanks to Jacqueline Steele for a wonderful job as Team Manager!

24 of Nova Scotia’s young and upcoming swimmers completed a weekend full of skills and drills with Team New Brunswick.

Both teams participated in a three-hour skills focused pool session, followed by a video analysis session on Saturday and a skills competition on Sunday. Nova Scotia also took part in a fundamental movement skills assessment organized by Physiotherapists from Accel.

Emphasis of 2014 Camp Critical Skill Development
Streamline and Dolphin Kick Duration, first impulse, positioning,
Stroke Count & Consistency Awareness, efficiency

General Pacing Strategies for 200s Comparisons, mental skills

Butterfly and Breaststroke – skills/strategies Maintenance of speed

Performance of skills during races (on Sunday) Testing occurs during racing