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2014 Summer Provincial Championships

Swim Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the results from this past weekend’s Nova Scotia Summer Swimming Provincial Championships held in Bedford at the Lions Pool!

Thanks to the Bedford Beavers for hosting this year’s event!

Overall Top Team winner was the Bridgewater Barracudas (4,383 points) overall Top Small Team winner was the Windsor Bluefins (1,060 points) and the Most Improved Team was the Lunenburg Mariners.

Team High Point Award winners were as follows:
Large Team-
10 & Under: Bedford Beavers
11-12: Cole Harbour Hurricanes
13-14: Cole Harbour Hurricanes
15-16: Bridgewater Barracudas
17-18: Bedford Beavers

Small Team-
10 & Under: East Hants Stingrays
11-12: Windsor Bluefins
13-14: Middleton Missiles
15-16: Windsor Bluefins
17-18: Windsor Bluefins

Top Male Swimmer of the Meet: Riley Allen (CHH), Nick Bourbonniere (CHH)
Top Female Swimmer of the Meet: Stephanie Manuel (BB)
Coach of the Year: Jenny Curran (Bedford Beavers), Danielle Oulette (Colby Sailfish)
Assistant Coach of the Year: Jenny Kay (Bedford Beavers)
Spirit of Swimming Award: Zach Petropolis (Bedford Beavers)

2014 Summer Swimming All Star Team

10 & Under
Meredith Leckey (WW) Liam Ferguson (SMBB)
Ashleigh McKenna (BB) Malcolm Green (BB)
Madison Brown (CHH) Henry Keefe (CHH)
Emma Phelan (BB) Joshua Whittier (SMBB)
Rylin Matheson (COLBY) Isaac Milne (BB)

11 – 12
Elena Nuyens (CHH) Nick Bourbonniere (CHH)
Julia Chan (COLBY) Robert Williamson (WB)
Sophie Tanner (BWB) Jonathan Haas (BWB)
Amy Topshee (BB) Kalvin Windrum (CHH)
Maggie Smith (WW) Caleb Hoffman (BWB)
Nathan Boutilier (COLBY)

13 – 14
Natasha Ashby (CHH) Riley Allen (CHH)
Madison Swinamer (CHH) Andrew Johnson (BWB)
Bailey Dowell (MM) Raymond Laing (SMBB)
Mariah Kelley (BWB) Cole Myers (CHH)
Amy Hartling (BWB) William Travers (BB)

15 – 16
Stephanie Manuel (BB) Chris Johnson (BWB)
Nicole Boutilier (COLBY) Tyson Bears (BWB)
Amy Lord (WB) Justin Oyler (BWB)
Janelle Hebb (BWB) Noah Stoddart (BWB)

17 – 18
Olivia Raiche-Tanner (CHH) Zach Petropolis (BB)
Natasha Williamson (WB) Liam Patterson (BWB)
Rachel Hemsworth (BB) Liam Burton (SMBB)
Lauren Goodyear (BB) Jacob Beaulieu (WB)

Summary of NS Provincial Records Set:

Name Club Age Group Event Time

Natasha Ashby Cole Harbour Hurricanes 13-14 Girls
200m Freestyle 2:23.33
400m Freestyle 5:07.72
Nick Bourbonniere Cole Harbour Hurricanes 11-12 Boys
200m Freestyle 2:22.65
50m Butterfly 32.08
400m Freestyle 5:02.95
200m Individual Medley 2:40.83
Noah Stoddart, Chris Johnson, Tyson Bears, Justin Oyler Bridgewater Barracudas
15 & Over Boys 200m Medley Relay 2:01.28
Tyson Bears, Noah Stoddart, Liam Patterson, Justin Oyler Bridgewater Barracudas
15 & Over Boys 200m Freestyle Relay 1:50.03
Amy Lord Windsor Bluefins 15-16
100m Breaststroke 1:22.60
Madison Swinamer Cole Harbour Hurricanes 13-14 Girls
100m Breaststroke 1:21.80
200m Individual Medley 2:46.97
Stephanie Manuel Bedford Beavers 15-16 Girls
50m Freestyle 29.18
50m Backstroke 33.66
200m Individual Medley 2:41.57
Laura Blinn Bridgewater Barracudas 15-16 Girls
100m Butterfly 1:15.85
Tyson Bears Bridgewater Barracudas 15-16 Boys
100m Butterfly 1:07.92
Kael Doyle Colby Sailfish 17-18 Boys
100m Butterfly 1:12.38
Elena Nuyens Cole Harbour Hurricanes 11-12 Girls
400m Freestyle 5:15.25
Olivia Raiche-Tanner Cole Harbour Hurricanes 17-18 Girls
400m Freestyle 5:14.67
Riley Allen Cole Harbour Hurricanes 13-14 Boys
100m Backstroke 1:10.02
200m Individual Medley 2:41.43
Janelle Hebb Bridgewater Barracudas 15-16 Girls
100m Freestyle 1:04.57
Zach Petropolis Bedford Beavers 17-18 Boys
50m Breaststroke 35.78