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Swim Nova Scotia announces 2015-16 High Performance Team

Swim Nova Scotia is excited to announce members of the High Performance team for the 2015-16-swim season based on their performances last season.

Members include:
Danial Murphy, Sackville Waves Aquatic Team (SWAT)
Morrgan Payne, Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club (DCSC)/Dalhousie Tigers (DAL)
Kyle Watson, Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club (HTAC)/DAL
Meagan Bernier, HTAC
Tony Liew, HTAC/DAL
Isabel Sarty, HTAC
Rachel Shin, HTAC/DAL
Phoebe Lenderyou, HTAC/DAL
Jade Hannah, HTAC
Gavin Dyke, HTAC/DAL
Sarah Polley, HTAC
Colm Somers, HTAC
Brett Liem, DCSC
Keishia Mills, HTAC
Sarah MacDougall, DCSC
Benjamin Henger, Wolfville Tritons Swim Club (WTSC)
Malina Nazaryan, HTAC
Lucy MacLeod, HTAC/DAL

The group will be lead by Swim Nova Scotia’s Provincial Coach, Lance Cansdale and their personal Coaches. Cansdale says, “that this year’s group of identified High Performance Swimmers is a good mix of veterans and newcomers. This is a great testament to each teams efforts in developing their athletes, as well as, the many provincial initiatives that foster performances that are recognized at the national level. In an Olympic year, the support and experiences that many of these swimmers will access, can be a springboard towards moving them to their ultimate goals and hopefully on to Canadian Teams such as the Olympics or Paralympics.”

These swimmers will have the opportunity to participate in several Provincial initiatives throughout the year. We look forward to sharing their swimming experiences and profiles with you through various social media outlets this season.

Congratulations swimmers and coaches!