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Meet Details for Juniors


Thanks to all the teams for their support over the weekend in providing timers and officials!  Thanks to Sue Jackson at her team at WTSC for running a great meet!

Congratulations to the following swimmers who were the aggregate point winners:

TOP 3 12 and Under 13-14 15 and Over
Female 1. Eliese Groeneveld WTSC 1. Paige Rhuland DCSC 1. Emma Cockerill DCSC
  2. Katarina Brezovan HTAC 2. Charlotte Jones SWAT 2. Mattea Leblanc LADC
  3. Chiara Carbonell YYW 3. Marion Synishin DCSC 3. Colleen MacLeod PHAST
Male 1. Nico Durant SDSC 1. Alec D’Entremont YYW 1. Aaron Day PCM
  2. Evan Ettinger CBAC 2. Alix Olaisole Drakkars 2. Dylan McKeen DCSC
  3. David Du CBAC 3. Michael Smith SWAT 3. Matthew Penner PHAST