2019 Candy Cane Invitational Meet Details

In preparation for the Candy Cane Invitational Meet, please find attached the Session Reports and Psych Sheets as of Dec 10 and take note of the following:

  •  Assignment of Officials as of Dec 12, if you are interested in helping as a timer, please email Peter or officiating, please email Kelley
  • Officials briefings will take place daily at 8:15am for prelims and 3:45pm for finals
  • Timers are requested to wear white tops/black bottoms for both prelims & finals; Senior Officials are requested to wear white tops/black bottoms for prelims and royal blue tops/black bottoms for finals.
  • Continuous warm-up/down is available in the leisure pool (please ensure your swimmers are swimming)
  • Positive check-in will be required for the 800/1500 Freestyle, those events may be re-seeded and will swim 2 per-lane, fastest to slowest, alternating gender (genders may be combined). The fastest 8 in each gender 800/1500 will swim during finals (as reflected in the attached session reports), 1 per lane
  • Positive check-in will be required for the 400 Freestyle will swim 2 per-lane.
  • Positive check-in deadlines:
    • Distance check-in for Friday events is due by 9:30am on Friday
    • Distance check-in for Saturday events is due by 7:00pm on Friday night
    • Distance check-in for Sunday events is due by 6:30pm on Saturday night


  • Split warm-ups as follows (daily):

o    Prelims- 7:30-8:15am 13 & Under|8:15-9:00am 14+

o    Finals- 3:00-3:45pm 13 & Under| 3:45-4:30pm 14+

o    The last 15 minutes of each warm-up period pace & sprint lanes will be available

  • Swimmers, Officials & Coaches are reminded to wear indoor footwear while on deck
  • Live results will be available throughout the weekend on meet mobile and Live Results
  • TCSC will provide a small healthy canteen throughout the weekend
  • Funkita Funky Trunks will be on-site on Saturday selling aquatic apparel
  • Parking will be available in the RECC, overflow parking is available at the hospital (use pay stations if parking at the hospital)
  • Swimmers must wear footwear if leaving the pool deck area