2019 Maine Development Tour Team Wrap Up

Team Nova Scotia returned home safely last night after another great trip to Bath, Maine!  59 swimmers from across Nova Scotia travelled to Maine on Thursday to compete at the 2019 LRSC Winter Champs.

This exciting initiative was a great experience for all the swimmers; they learned a lot in and out of the pool. Many had the opportunity to work with new Coaches throughout the weekend and race in against swimmers from across New England.

Thanks to Moira Milward (Head Coach), Zoe Miles, Mikayla Tyrrell and Emma Ryan for joining us as Coaches.  As usual, they did a terrific job with the swimmers!  Thank you to our Provincial Coach, Lance Cansdale, who also joined the team as the Mentor Coach.

2019 LRSC Winter Champs Meet Results

Congratulations to the following swimmers for a GREAT weekend and thanks to all of the Clubs who supported this Provincial initiative:

Hana Balcom CBD Duncan Clark CBD
Maria Georghiou CBD Braydon Hunter CBD
Lexie Quinn CBD Warren McArthur CBD
Olivia Bacon CSSC Jordan Beaton CSSC
Julie Nolan-McCarthy DCSC Max Baker DCSC
Rosalyn Tate DCSC Tom Dessureault DCSC
Lilly Collins HTAC Nate White-Nogler DCSC
Jordan Daigle HTAC Owen Chabassol PCM
Clara Durling HTAC Blayse Stevenson PCM
Bridget Gregan HTAC Ian Stewart PCM
Isobel McBride HTAC Jacob Pinkohs PHAST
Finlay Macaulay HTAC Joe Duffy TCSC
Eliana MacDonald HTAC Robert Kennedy WTSC
Maria McDougall HTAC Payton Mills WTSC
Eadaoin McGrath HTAC Jeremy Comeau YYW
Emma Scheuer HTAC Adrien Muise Hanf YYW
Ariel Rao HTAC
Allison Redfern HTAC
Autumn Burke PCM
Nora LeBlanc PCM
Jenna MacLeod PCM
Jami Lee McDowell PCM
Jamie Scott-Barter PCM
Sarah Scott-Barter PCM
Cailyn Sheehan PCM
Emma Crispo PHAST
Sylvie Anderson SWAT
Jayne Belliveau SWAT
Ella Brocklehurst SWAT
Mya Gavin SWAT
Dana Goltsov SWAT
Adrianna Kirby SWAT
Abby Lewis SWAT
Zoe Millward SWAT
Aline Marie Potvin SWAT
Ella Sharples SWAT
Jessica Shute SWAT
Amelia Tomlik SWAT
Paige Burry TCSC
Becca Cook TCSC
Emma Cook TCSC
Phoebe Hickox TCSC
Hayley Puddester TCSC