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2019 Canadian Junior Championships & Canadian Swimming Championships Complete Results

Congratulations to all of the NS Swimmers who raced at the Canadian Junior Swimming Championships and Canadian Swimming Championships this summer!

11 swimmers from across Nova Scotia competed July 24-28th, 2019 at the 2019 Canadian Junior Swimming Championships in Calgary and one swimmer competed August 8-11th, 2019 at the 2019 Canadian Swimming Championships in Winnipeg (Natasha Sexton Quillan).

Complete results for NS Swimmers:




Liam Ferguson, Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club (HTAC) 14-15 men’s 200m Backstroke 7th/2:15.74
14-15 men’s 100m Backstroke 6th/1:02.19
14-15 men’s 200m Individual Medley 13th/2:17.89
Will Myrer, (HTAC) 14-15 men’s 200m Butterfly 22nd/2:18.86
14-15 men’s 100m Butterfly 16th/1:01.26
Marion Synishin (HTAC) 15-17 women’s 100m Breaststroke 18th/1:16.13
15-17 women’s 1500m Freestyle 22nd/18:33.65
15-17 women’s 200m Breaststroke 27th/2:51.88
Ella Dobson, Sackville Waves Aquatic Team (SWAT) 15-17 women’s 1500m Freestyle 21st/18:32.03
15-17 women’s 800m Freestyle 22nd/9:48.03
15-17 women’s 200m Breaststroke 28th/2:52.34
15-17 women’s 3km Open Water 31st/42:40.50
Juliette Mercier (SWAT) 13-14 women’s 100m Breaststroke 26th/1:21.94
13-14 women’s 200m Breaststroke 20th/2:55.77
Ryan Jardine (SWAT) 16-18 men’s 800m Freestyle 29th/9:03.62
16-18 men’s 1500m Freestyle 27th/17:23.69
16-18 men’s 3km Open Water 23rd/39:22.40
Craig Bush, Truro Centurions Swim Club (TCSC) 16-18 men’s 200m Butterfly 30th/2:17.61
16-18 men’s 100m Butterfly 30th/1:00.37
Madison Bond (TCSC) 15-17 women’s 100m Breaststroke 14th/1:15.03
15-17 women’s 200m Breaststroke 12th/2:44.61
Ava Vial, Wolfville Tritons Swim Club (WTSC) 15-17 women’s 200m Butterfly 20th/2:28.41
15-17 women’s 100m Butterfly 21st/1:05.73
15-17 women’s 400m Individual Medley 23rd/5:19.24
Bo Stokesbury-Price (WTSC) 16-18 men’s 800m Freestyle 35th/9:16.68
16-18 men’s 400m Freestyle 38th/4:21.31
Natasha Sexton Quillan, Sackville Waves Aquatic Team (SWAT) S10 PARA 50m Freestyle 13th/33.67
S10 PARA 400m Freestyle 6th/5:36.59
S10 PARA 100m Backstroke 14th/1:25.15
S10 PARA 100m Freestyle 7th/1:14.65