Halifax Trojan Arena Age Group Development Meet Details

In preparation for this weekend’s Age Group Development Meet hosted by HTAC, please find attached the session reports and psych sheets.

Please note the following (timelines in the attached session reports do NOT reflect the details below):
Friday order of heats/swims fastest to slowest and doubled:
Event 1: Fastest heat of woman 800 heat (ON OWN)
Event 2: Fastest 2 heats of men 800
Event 1: Next fastest 2 heats of women 800
Event 2: Next Fastest 2 heats of men 800
Event 3: 2 heats of women 1500
Event 4: 1 heat of men 1500

Please also note that the 400 and 200 (junior session) free are currently under review for doubling as well (as per meet package). We will confirm at coach’s meeting.

HTAC is still looking for some timers:
Diane MacKenzie, HTAC Chair of Offi