Juniors Winter Edition Meet Wrap Up

Thanks to all teams for supporting the Winter Edition of Juniors this weekend in Wolfville by providing timers and officials!  Thanks to Sue Jackson at her team at WTSC for running a great meet!

Congratulations to the following swimmers who were the aggregate point winners:

TOP 3 12 and Under 13-14 15 and Over
Female 1. Sarah Scott Barter, PCM 1. Alexandra McMahan, HTAC 1. Susana Somerton, DCSC
2. Hannah Williams, WTSC 2. Natasha D’Entremont, YYW 2. Catie Scott, SWAT
3. Olivia Bacon, CSSC 3. Hannah MacLeod, PCM 3. Amy Hartling, HTAC
Male 1. Brandon Puttick, GDSC 1. Kevin Li, HTAC 1. Aaron Day PCM
2. Simon Dornieden, WTSC 2. Dimitri Hanias, HTAC 2. Benjamin Chen, DCSC
3. Thomas Dessureault, DCSC 3. Ibaad Hemani, YYW 3.Noah Joudrie, PCM