Miles Selected for Swimming Canada Female Coaching Leadership Workshop “Taking the Stage”

Swimming Canada has selected Zoe Miles, Head Coach, Sackville Waves Aquatic Team, to take part in a two-day female coaching leadership workshop entitled “Taking the Stage” in Ottawa on February 8-9, 2019.

Zoe will be among a total of twelve women from across the country selected to help meet Swimming Canada’s objective of creating a balanced and empowered leadership team.

The training, developed and delivered in partnership with Own The Podium and The Humphrey Group, will form the majority of the content.  This seminar focuses on enabling women to view leadership through the lens of communication – supporting them to develop the skills needed to be seen as strong, confident leaders. The seminar with also be enhanced through coaching specific CEP content.

“The Coaching Enhancement Program is pleased to support Swimming Canada in their development of female high performance coaches. The value gender equity brings to sport is well known, and sport will achieve the Government of Canada’s target of gender equity in sport at every level by 2035 through innovative practices such as these,” says Laura Watson, High Performance Coaching Advisor, Own The Podium.

“The leadership and initiative that Swimming Canada has invested is an example for all National Sports Organizations in promoting greater inclusion of women in all facets of sport.”

This comprehensive training aims to help women learn how to communicate effectively, so they can be seen and heard as leaders. It is designed to help coaches discover how to adopt a Taking the Stage mindset, script themselves with clarity and intention, unlock the power of their voice and achieve a confident and authentic presence.

“Swimming Canada is extremely excited to offer this opportunity to further develop high performance swimming coaches,” says Iain McDonald, Swimming Canada Senior Manager, High Performance.

“High performance coach development has been a key strategic focus for us and we have been able to provide professional development opportunities to over 70 coaches across the country since 2014.”

The workshop will have coach participants from six provinces gathering for an intense two-day seminar.

List of participating coaches:

Janet Hyslop – Ontario

Marta Belsh – New Brunswick

Melanie Melanson – New Brunswick

Tina Hoeben – BC

Vicki Keith – Ontario

Cathy Pardy – Ontario

Mandi Smith – BC

Zoe Miles – Nova Scotia

Annie Wolfe – BC

Wendy Johnson – Alberta

Amélie Poirier – Quebec

Marie Bergeron – Quebec

“Opportunities such as this are critical to the development of coaches working in both the Olympic and Paralympic programs,” said John Atkinson, Swimming Canada High Performance Director/National Coach.

Swimming Canada will continue to work closely with its partners such as OTP, Sport Canada, COC, CPC, CAC and the CSCTA to enhance experiences for coaches that will have a direct impact on the quality of coaching delivered to swimmers across Canada.”

Complete story via: Swimming Canada