Nova Tech Explosion Meet Details

In preparation for the Nova Tech Explosion, hosted by TCSC this weekend in Truro, please see the following important messages (below) and meet reports: Saturday’s Psych SheetsSunday’s Psych SheetsSession ReportsAssignment of Meet Officials (all as of May 10).

  • We are in need of Officials in the Chief Finish Judge and Stroke and Turn jobs.  Please contact Miranda at if you are available.
  • Officials Assignments are attached-  Thank you to those who have contacted me.
  • Swimming Lessons will be in the pool on Saturday morning, we ask that Athletes and Coaches are respectful of this when coming on to deck.
  • We hope to double up the kick on Saturday evening – so adjust this time out accordingly.
  • The facility will open at 7:30am on Sunday Morning.
  • The small pool will not be open to swimmers during either session.  We will have time for the waterslide on Sunday after heats finish.
  • Glass bottles are NOT permitted on pool deck.  Athletes, Coaches and Officials are asked NOT to wear outside footwear on deck.
  • Reminder of warm-up times:
    • Saturday Level 1 & 2 are in the first warm-up, following the 200 IM, the Participation swimmers will do their warm-up.
    • Sunday Participation are in the first warm-up, following the 100 IM, Level 1 & 2 swimmers will do their warm-up.

Good luck to all swimmers!