Top Swims Continue for Nova Scotia Swimmers Racing at the 2019 Speedo Eastern Canadian Championships

Another great day in the pool for Nova Scotia’s swimmers competing at the 2019 Speedo Eastern Canadian Championships in Quebec City with two different swimmers racing in the A finals and 9 in the consolation finals tonight.

16-year-old Hanna Mountford of the Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club swam in two A finals; she finished sixth in the senior women’s 400m Freestyle with a personal best time of 4:29.09 and ninth in the senior women’s 200m Backstroke with a time of 2:20.70. Dean Sangster (Truro Centurions Swim Club) finished sixth in the senior men’s 200m Backstroke with a personal best time of 2:10.81.

Consolation finalists included Halifax Trojan swimmers Gia Mensah (1:05.14) and Isabelle Dearnaley, both in the 100m Butterfly (1:05.83); Marion Synishin 50m Breaststroke (34.18), Ethan Boyle 400m Freestyle (4:19.69), and Liam Ferguson 200m Backstroke (2:14.15); Craig Bush (Truro Centurions Swim Club) 100m Butterfly (59.83); Lucy Jardine (Sackville Waves Aquatic Team) 400m Freestyle (4:33.69); Ava Vial (Wolfville Tritons Swim Club) 100m Butterfly (1:04.51); and Hayden Bartoch (Halifax Wavecutters Aquatic Club) 400m Freestyle (4:11.50).

Youth age groups are 13-15 for female and 14-16 for male; Senior age groups are 16 & older for female and 17 & older for male.

Preliminaries will begin at 9:00am local time and finals at 6:00pm local time daily. Competition wraps up tomorrow.

Nova Scotia Results from Day Three




Adam Deutsch, Greenwood Dolphins Swim Club (GDSC) Senior 50m Breaststroke 33rd/31.52
Gianna Mensah, Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club (HTAC) Youth 100m Butterfly 14th/1:05.14
Ashleigh McKenna (HTAC) Youth 100m Butterfly 40th/1:08.06
Hanna Mountford (HTAC) Senior 200m Backstroke 9th/2:20.70
Senior 400m Freestyle 6th/4:29.09
Ethan Boyle (HTAC) Youth 400m Freestyle 20th/4:19.69
Will Myrer (HTAC) Youth 100m Butterfly 31st/1:00.89
Liam Ferguson (HTAC) Youth 200m Backstroke 16th/2:14.15
Marion Synishin (HTAC) Youth 50m Breaststroke 13th/34.18
Isabelle Dearnaley (HTAC) Youth 100m Butterfly 16th/1:05.83
Sophie Rooney (HTAC) Youth 200m Backstroke 23rd/2:26.66
Téah Forbes (HTAC) Youth 200m Backstroke 40th/2:30.23
Hanna Mountford, Marion Synishin, Isabelle Dearnaley, Sophie Rooney (HTAC) 4 x 100m Medley Relay 13th/4:32.90
Grace Earle, Gianna Mensah, Ashleigh McKenna, Téah Forbes (HTAC) 4 x 100m Medley Relay 24th/4:38.38
Heidi Bartoch, Halifax Wavecutters Aquatic Club (HWAC) Youth 100m Butterfly 32nd/1:07.39
Hayden Bartoch (HWAC) Youth 400m Freestyle 12th/4:11.50
Liya Alexeeva (HWAC) Youth 400m Freestyle 56th/4:54.10
Natasha Sexton Quillan, Sackville Waves Aquatic Team (SWAT) PARA 400m Freestyle 36th/5:32.31
Lucy Jardine (SWAT) Youth 400m Freestyle 14th/4:33.69
Madison Bond, Truro Centurions Swim Club (TCSC) Youth 50m Breaststroke 25th/34.85
Dean Sangster (TCSC) Senior 200m Backstroke 6th/2:10.81
Craig Bush (TCSC) Youth 100m Butterfly 16th/59.83
Bo Stokesbury-Price, Wolfville Tritons Swim Club (WTSC) Youth 400m Freestyle 38th/4:21.21
Ava Vial (WTSC) Senior 50m Breaststroke 48th/35.58
Senior 100m Butterfly 17th/1:04.51

Live Results