About Swim NS

Swim Nova Scotia is the umbrella organization for all swim clubs in the province. Offering administrative support to each club, the governing body is comprised of over 2000 athletes, 800 officials and many volunteers. The organization is made up of 15 full-time clubs, 19 summer clubs and 18 masters clubs. Club members range from ages 5 to 80 years old. The mission of Swim Nova Scotia is to support and produce individual excellence. Swim Nova Scotia helps athletes to develop their potential whether Olympic caliber or just for fitness. Swim Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and producing individual excellence at the International, National, Provincial and Novice levels. Swim Nova Scotia has been a part of competitive swimming across Canada for twenty-five years, and was incorporated in 1996.

Swim Nova Scotia currently has one paid full-time staff, the Executive Director who is responsible for the operations of the organization and a part-time Provincial Coach. During the summer months, university students are hired to assist with day-to-day programming.  The number of students hired is based on the number of Federal & Provincial Grants received.  We have a volunteer Board of Directors, which is responsible for policy and governance of the organization.

Swim Nova Scotia policies and procedures are available via Club Presidents and Head Coaches. If you are looking for information on starting up your own swim team in Nova Scotia, please review our Club Affiliation Policy (below) and contact Swim Nova Scotia with any additional questions.

2010-2016 SNS Strategic Plan

Swim Nova Scotia – Club Membership Policy August 2020

Swim NS Long Term Athlete Development

Swim NS Bylaws

SNS Strategic Plan 2016-2024

Swimmer of the Year Selection Criteria (Year-Round)

Coach of the Year Selection Criteria (Year-Round)

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