Safe Sport

Swim Nova Scotia and Swimming Canada believes that athletes, coaches, officials, support staff and volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive sport environment that is free of abuse, harassment and discrimination. Swim Nova Scotia provides a safe and inclusive environment, which involves promoting Open and Observable Environments. This means making meaningful and concerted efforts to avoid situations where a coach/official/staff member, etc. might be alone with an athlete. All interactions between an athlete and an individual who is in a position of trust should normally, and wherever possible, be in an environment or space that is both ‘open’ and ‘observable’ to others.

All participants in sanctioned events are reminded that they are bound by Swim Nova Scotia Policies and Procedures, including but not limited, to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Equity and Inclusion Policy; the full policy suite can be obtained through your Club President or Head Coach.

Swim Nova Scotia has joined the True Sport community – a group of people that believe that
good sport can make a great difference by supporting the True Sport Principles

Swim Nova Scotia’s Board of Director’s has approved the following Safe Sport Policy

Safe Sporting Environment at sanctioned swimming competitions in Nova Scotia.

Please contact your Club for a copy of your Club and/or Swim Nova Scotia’s policies.

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (for Coaches)

Swimming Canada and Swim Nova Scotia has committed to training all national & Provincial team coaches and support staff in Safe Sport Training, either by completing the Respect in Sport for Activity Leader Program or CAC’s Safe Sport Training Program

  • The Activity Leader Program is a 2.5-hour online training program designed to educate those working with athletes to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.
  • This program costs $30. All Coaches that are members of a Swim Nova Scotia Provincial team must complete this training at no cost (details will be shared with identified coaches).
  • Please note that ALL registered Swim Coaches in Canada must complete The Activity Leader Program as a membership requirement as of September 1st, 2020.
  • Coaches can complete the online workshop anytime; please contact Bette to obtain the instructions and link.

Respect in the Workplace (for volunteers & Club/Provincial Board Members & Administrators)

Swim Nova Scotia has committed to training all Provincial staff and Board of Director’s in the Respect in Sport for Activity Leader Program.

  • Respect in the Workplace is a 90-minute online training program designed to empower people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
  • This program is available for free to Swimming Canada and its affiliated organizations. Please email Bette for the link.

Respect in Sport for Parents

  • The Parent Program is a one-hour online training program for parents/guardians, reinforcing their role in their child’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and providing insight into the various roles other individuals play, such as coaches and officials.
  • This program costs $12 and is transferable to other sports involved in Respect in Sport.

Access to Respect in Sport for Parents

Swimming Canada Safe Sport


The helpline will provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.